How Does It All Work?


The Big Picture



We start with the bigger picture and help you get clear on where you want to take your business.  The tool we use to help you do this within MentorCLOUB is ActionPLAN and once you have worked with us through this section you will be clear on the bigger questions, the WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHO and HOW of the bigger picture.


Breaking It Down

Once we are clear on the bigger picture we help you break that down into shorter term objectives.  All programmes we run are backed by 90 day planning.  The 90 day plans identify the short term priorities for you and the strategic actions you need to take.  A key element of MentorCLUB is monitoring progress, discussing obstacles and identifying the resources and learning needed in order to make the progress you are planning for.


Knowing The Numbers


You will want to be able to measure your progress against your objectives and know the key numbers in your business, both financial and operational.

  • What is your breakeven point?
  • How much does it cost to acquire a lead?
  • How much does it cost to acquire a customer?
  • Which of your marketing strategies are works  best?
  • What are your margins on  what you sell?  Etc

Identifying,. knowing and tracking theses via  dashboard will enable you to make good decisions to ensure better performance.  A key aspect of MentorCLUB is helping its members do this well, and showing them the ropes if it is unfamiliar territory as it is for some.

Download the full MentorCLUB Brochure here:


MentorCLUB Brochure






Joining a Programme Like this is both a major opportunity and a major commitment.

We don’t expect anyone to join without being really clear what is involved, hence we offer a limited number of complimentary trial places for a full month.

All resources are available, there are no tie ins or hold backs.  So if you curious, this is your chance to register for a month’s trail of this programme, worth up to £595